Monday, October 31, 2011

A Quick Thought on My Upcoming Wedding

Saturday, I will be marrying the love of my life, the soon to be Mrs. Debauchery. I couldn't be happier about this. As I continue to construct the playlist for the wedding (one which I know will get truncated at some point, we've agreed to split our iPods and I'm doing my best to be accommodating to people who want to hear Pat Benatar and modern country) I keep getting dragged back into songs that I flippantly thought would be cool to put on a wedding playlist (The 'Mats, "Can't Hardly Wait," the Jive Five's "Do You Hear Wedding Bells?" The Scientists "Why Don't We Get Together Tonight") I realized that most of what I picked were the songs I first played over and over in my old study, getting ripped off whiskey every night after hauling my ass home from the book store in defeated agony, in the bouts between her visits to my house or just a quick drink together (Mrs. Debauchery worked day and night jobs at this point). Listening to those tunes while thinking of her made my life a ton more enjoyable (whiskey didn't hurt either, just saying).
However, there were some songs that we both really enjoy that she made me promise not to include on the final list (The Cramps "Like a Bad Girl Should" being the biggest red flag along with the Supersuckers "She's My Bitch"). I'm cool with this. But, there is one song that is not getting left off despite it's S&M themes: Nobunny's "I am a Girlfriend."
See, Nobunny and the Spits were the first show we went to together, ( I DJ'd!) and Mrs. Debauchery really dug Nobunny and has since discovered the joys of the Okmoniks, the Sneaky Pinks and Hunx and his Punx first album. We kinda consider it "our" song since it's the first band I got her to dig and we'd blast the record across the house while dancing with GRRR (our dog) and it made our worlds seem to collide in a really sweet way. My unabashed love of raw and dirty punk rock combining with her love of catchy hooks and vocals she could understand. We're a weird pair. I'm marrying a woman who likes Taylor Swift (or Tay-Tay, as she, for some reason I don't want to know calls her), fell in love with Good Clean Fun when she first heard them and had a fucking blast watching Guitar Wolf at the Free Press Summer Fest. Yet, I can't get her to listen to a Ty Segall record without her twitching two seconds into it.
And I couldn't be any fucking happier about it.
So, here's Nobunny performing "our song" at Rudz in May of 2010.

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