Saturday, December 13, 2008

Maybe THIS President will Listen to Jello

Like most of the country, I too really dig Obama and the whole notion that radical change is still a viable possibility in this country. Especially after Colonel Clusterfuck's eight years of idiocy and criminality (and if you haven't been terrified enough about Cheney and Co.'s antics, pick up Jane Mayer's The Dark Side. It really gives you a frighteningly clear picture of the incompetence and corruption of the W. era) with the air of brutal doom lingering across America as we are seemingly about to sink into the abyss.
With things remaining stagnant in the worst way possible and with Col. still having another month to make one last, epic, fuck up, we ALL have a lot riding on Obama's success in the Oval Office. He also carries a great amount of expectations to follow through on the actualization of the change he eagerly promoted.
To keep him on point, Jello Biafra has written an open letter to the President Elect and it's pretty rockin'. Here's a quick excerpt:
National security means: • Everyone has a home. • Everyone has enough decent food to eat. • Everyone can drink the water without having to buy it in a bottle from Coke or Pepsi. • No one has to worry about getting their hand cut off at work or having their job outsourced overseas. • Everyone can be who they are without fear of being detained and tortured without trial. • Everyone can vote without fear, knowing their vote will be counted—accurately. • Every woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body. • Everyone has enough money for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. • Everyone, even if they don't have money, has the right to see a doctor if they're sick or hurt. In so many other countries this is a guaranteed human right by law.
Unlike a lot of other notable figures, (i.e. just about every fucking celebrity who campaigned for Obama and douche's like Fall Out Boy) Jello Biafra really knows his shit. A quick listen to your old Dead Kennedy's records and his spoken word performances will confirm this. And, like Jello, I really hope Obama takes this idea to heart: "Above all, be a leader, not a dealmaker. There are times when cutting a deal is the same as cutting and running. To put it mildly, we can't afford that anymore. There are no sails left to trim.

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