Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Benefit for Tim O'Brien

I've known Tim O'Brien since the Stay Sick column ran at the Daily Cougar and he has always been one of the most sincere and kind music journalists I've ever met. This guy lives rock 'n' roll, never hesitates to help bands out and continually supports young writers and bands. That's how we met.
Tim had read my column and Please Kill Yourself and we became friends fastly over our mutual love of Guitar Wolf. I don't think I would've ever had word one printed in the Houston Press or elsewhere afterward if it weren't for Tim. Not only did he constantly encourage my (often times) juvenile piss and vinegar literary onslaughts but he helped me to become a better writer. When Please Kills Yourself was in it's infancy, Tim was always willing to lend a column or two to beef up the rag and to add to its credibility. His enjoyment and faith in me as a writer helped me keep things moving.
So, I got this flyer to show you and therefore ask for your help in aiding one of the most passionate and talented music writers Houston has unleashed upon the world.
I'll make you folks a deal in case a list of rad bands and a noble cause doesn't peel your banana: come out, pay the cover and you get a beer and a shot on me, Jay Debauchery. Of course, you've got to mention PKY (or else I will have every other asshole asking for a free beer and a shot) cause I ain't made of money. But, if my weak stab at baiting can convince you to throw a few extra bucks towards Tim, his family and his health then I'm down with that and will gladly foot the bill.

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