Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rock n Roll Finally Gets a Win in 2010!

Punknews.org is reporting that the pretentious snoozefest known as the Killers will be going on "indefinite hiatus" (just fucking break up...or better yet, drink a bottle of bleach and vomit allover your past masters) following a couple of shows in Austrailia. Usually, this would be enough for me to go "FUCK YEAH!" and leave it at that. But no, these cockbags had to put out a pretentious little explanation that I will now go FireJoeMorgan style on.
From guitarist (they have one of those in that band?)Dave Keuning:
I'm not sure if people are aware of it but these are probably our last shows for a while.
I'm not sure people still cared you were a band since they've now been told by Rolling Stone and Spin that the Kings of Leon are where they are to herded. But thanks for letting us know the location of the final shows so I can finally let Anwar al-Awlaki know what he has to do get his 40 virgins.
We haven't had a break in quite a while. It's just been touring and making records and on and on and on.
Wow, sounds like a total bummer. You know, getting to travel across the globe with your friends while getting paid for being the soundtrack to Ecstacy overdoes and date rapes, all the groupies lining up from dawn til dusk to blow you pathetic New Order wannabes and then having to take a break from it all to get paid to shit out 12 tracks on a synthesizer over 6 moths must really be taking its toll your ability to enjoy life! Won't somebody leave these geniuses alone to nurture their tortured souls!
It's been like six years just kind of connected together.
You mean like being in a band? And one that tours? Yeah, I think that's what he means. However, we could always hope they'd had been connected like this and we never would've had to suffer Hot Mess or whatever the fuck that record was called.
It's like people just expect us to do that non-stop till we die,
No, no, no, you got that wrong, bro. We just want you to stop AND die. You don't have to do both at the same time but whenever your ready, sporto!
but we just want a little bit of time off, just to be myself and do what I want to do for a little bit.
So you didn't want to be in a band, make records, tour, live in the shadows of that blowhard dicksmoker Brandon Flowers? Then why didn't you quit? I know, you'd lose the ability to score hipster/yuppie tang and all but if that's really how you've felt about the last six years in your band then the music you have produced makes a helluva lot more fucking sense.

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