Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quick Update on Things to Come

Appy-polly-logies for the lack of updates lately. Me and Mrs. just honeymooned it in New Orleans and I work the Xmas holiday and fucking slacked on shopping for everyone and I'm still super bummed about Hitch's death while the Kardashians continue to draw breath and, hey, I'm trying to get back on track with the whole blog/zine (yes, we ARE coming back in print) thing. So, to get your jeans super tight/wet, here are some things coming down the pipe that have been actively worked on thus far.
*Best of 2011 lists. Not just from me, as per usual (except for last year when I wanted to hermetically seal myself in Debauchery Central due to some retail trauma), but I reached out to some friends to give you a different perspective. 8BitChris, hopefully, will turn something in and if not I will walk across the hall at work and smack him in the face with a vaginal dilator. Oh, you best believe I'm planning on using a number 8! Soulless Brother #1, (cause he's a ginger, see) Black Nathan has tepidly committed to producing something as well. And I've also reached out to my good friend Mike Hilbig of the awesome Poppycock Press to contribute. Hopefully, he'll get out of the habit of doing real, serious, artistic and soul searching writing to come fuck around these parts.
*Inspired by hearing Skrillex for the first time (and probably the first time that twat-hat has inspired anything other than bilious shit/vomit) I will do a list compiling the worst albums I heard this year. Now, don't think I got all super duper music journo or anything. There was plenty of shit that I was aware of this year that made people's top 10 or 2,000 lists that I had absolutely no interest in listening to. This is more a compilation of the audio diarrhea unwillingly squirted through my ears by the now deceased corporate overlords at Borders. You will weep for me when you read what I was subjected to endure (and the Glee albums weren't even fucking close to the worst).
*A treatise on Kickstarter and how it seems to be a shit deal when it comes to music for the fans. This is inspired by a previously popular third wave ska band raising over $50K to record a new album. That is some straight up BULLSHIT, brothers and sisters.
*If Mrs. Debauchery signs off on it a patchwork of our honeymoon in New Orleans. Hopefully, Mr. and Mrs. GFN will be cool with being included.
*And speaking of the GFN, thoughts on the Down 'N' Dirties reunion and review of their set at Liberty Station before I got shithoused.
*Loads of praise for Heights Vinyl, the fucking coolest record store on the block!
*I don't know what's gonna happen this year but I'm predicting an epic rant on the asshole Santa's that fuck up the 30footFALL Xmas show every year. They can get hit by pick-up trucks leaving Jimmy's Place for all I care.
*And some other shit I'm sure I'll pull out of my ass in a drunken stupor when I get on a writing jag. Like, really, I thought about outlining my plan to pacify the GOP when it comes to gay rights and immigration. Long story short: Gay people marry illegal immigrants of the opposite sex. EVERYBODY WINS!

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