Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My "Intelligent" Critique of Twilight...with Limited Cursing!

"I don't disagree with you that Twilight is written horribly, and that the author is below average but do you really need to use such strong language? You could say the same insulting things in an entirely more intelligent and mature manner..." - Anonymous commenter from this post.
First of all, you are reading a blog that was born from a Xeroxed fanzine called PLEASE KILL YOURSELF written by a guy calling himself JAY DEBAUCHERY and you expect a Foucault level of couth in my discourse? Are you fucking kidding me? Shit, the slogan for this whole thing is "Jihad for Rock 'N' Roll Motherfuckers!" If you wanna read something without the cursing and horrible vindictiveness that we can all easily prescribe to our inner dialogue then stick to USA Today.
I'm assuming you did a Google search for Twilight and stumbled upon my lonely home on the internet. Thanks, for checking us out and I'm sorry you felt that my lack of discretion when it comes to expletives made you cringe.
I believe that writing is at its best when it's done honestly. No barriers, no cleaning up of the raw emotion that urges the typer to punch out their view of the world or version of the truth. And I also believe that anyone trying to tackle any wordy endeavor be it blog, print media (of which I have been paid to do) or just photo copying and passing out for free should write like they speak to everyone they end up conversing with in everyday life. In my case, sailors blush when I speak and I do end up censoring myself in certain situations (mainly work). But when it comes to my art, all reservations are checked at the door. I really don't care if anyone is personally upset about me calling Stephanie Meyer a cunt (she is one). What offends me is calling my ranting un-intellectual because of the crude manner in which I choose to convey my message.
In my initial post I commented on a trio of literary geniuses (Celine, Kerouac, Bukowski) in comparison to some shitty writer (look back up there, kids. Anonymous admits Meyer is weak) and despite my name dropping for cool points, I thought I made some very clear points about why the whole Twilight scene is lame. I'm sorry Anonymous couldn't see that through the usage of the word "fuck" every other sentence.
So, to satiate that commenter, let me reiterate my points as expressed in a previous post:
I believe that the Twilight series is a radically anti-feminist bit of schlock pulp that is written so poorly it might actually hinder our rational inclination to evolve intellectually. It tells women that they are only made strong by their man. That they can act as idiotic as possible but it's okay because their man will be there to save them. It also boasts (yes, I use that word purposely) that all a woman needs in her life is a man to be slavishly devoted to her and she should reciprocate those emotions and constantly risk her life and cede herself to his will. Oh, and squirting out a kid is the end all of their corporeal existence and that will truly satisfy them.
I had a customer today tell me that the above is all true but it's sometimes fun to indulge in the fantasy of the story. "Fantasy" is the key word here folks. And remember that Meyer is writing this whole mess from a strict Mormon background. Yes, she has managed to tie vampires (an already lame, lazy and overdone subgenre) filled with religious zeal. I told the customer that it was rather frightening to me that there was an entire generation of women (I would use "girls" here but...no. There are some insane Twilight mom's out there. Jeebus, help their offspring) who believe Bella's arc to be a parable for their life. She admitted that might be the case and strolled off. Wow.
A generation of women weakened by the pen and prescribed to be slaves to men. Thanks Stephanie Meyer.
And to Anonymous, was that fucking intellectual enough for ya?


WriteRightWriteRight said...

My initial though upon reading Anonymous' comment was, "Does this cunt know whose fucking blog she's reading?"

I fucking love your honest goddamned guts!

Anonymous said...

rock on, but really.... Foucault... couth? The man was into bondage protests and got paid for doing an interview in hash. Oh and then there's that grisly 4 page description of being drawn and quartered at the beginning of Discipline & Punish.

Jay Debauchery said...

To Anonymous:
The whole idea that the first four pages of Discipline and Punish were uncouth is completely unfounded. Foucault uses this gruesome description of former punishment to set the stage for his argument that what we do to imprisoned people is equal on the level of the soul. That is the whole point of the fucking book. And the bondage protests? So what. That does not diminish his ability to deconstruct and argue his points well. Who cares if he liked nipple clips and spankins? His overall arguments on the subjects he chose to examine are what matters.