Friday, November 14, 2008

Protest Prop 8 Tomorrow Downtown

If you want a ban on gay marriage then fuck you. Seriously. Quit with this "sanctity of marriage" bullshit. If it can be nullified within a few days or because either party didn't put out in a specific amount of time or if you just feel like fucking someone else then it is not as sacred of an institution as many Americans would like to believe.
I'm not saying that all marriages end in disaster but if it were all so rosy and simple then family law wouldn't be a hell most people don't have the stomach or heart to deal with. There is a lot of ugly shit that happens in this realm of law that has many LSAT aces so unnerved by the whole scene as to vow never to go near it. That tells me a lot about how sacred Americans view their marriages. Sweet fucking Bog, just think about the fact that Carmen Electra married Dennis Rodman for like 2 hours and tell me that gay people shouldn't be afforded the same legal rights and benefits as those two nutsacks.
So, if you can, go out and protest the passage of Prop 8 and let the government and your fellow Americans know that the civil rights struggle did not end with the election of an African American president.
Since California passed prop 8 the country is having rallies this weekend to spread awareness on the issue.
Meet at City Hall 901 Bagby, Houston, TX Scheduled to begin at 12:30pm - Saturday, November 15. We will gather in Hermann Square which is right behind City Hall.
Maps and details at: .. Fight H8 Houston
We have secured all permits required for this event. Please bring signs and posters.

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WriteRightWriteRight said...

I love that you blogged this. I posted a bulletin on myspace Friday, and I really wanted to go, but I overslept. Also, I nearly pummeled several coworkers for expressing their anti-gay ideology Friday afternoon. I hate hearing, "I don't have a problem with people being gay, but they shouldn't be married." What the fuck does that even mean?