Monday, May 19, 2008

This is No Way to Show Fat Elvis Love for His Greatness

Fucking Richard Justice, man. This guy finally stops being smug, blowing the Longhorns and actually writes about the pleasantries of the Astros this month to go on and fuck it up like this. Ugh. Yes, I know this is not credited to Justice at all but he posted it on his blog and it's linked to the 1560 site. See, watching the Adventures of Ford Fairline via OnDemand has sharpened my sleuthing skills! Anyhoo, check out this wretched abortion of a tribute and let's cross our fingers that someone, like, Pride Kills will record a track to give Lance Berkman the aural love he so deserves.
The Big Puma Song
You know what, how about we start writing into 1560 and the Justice's blog to let him know our displeasure with the song? Join in with me folks, my first spam will be on his site in a mere moments.

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