Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gammons Digs on Pence

While we all weep gently over our utter lack of pitching (anyone else who has been following the Spring Training games like me are searching for razor blades) Astros fans should take note that Peter Gammons showed Hunter Pence some love on his ESPN blog. He's named as one of the eight players that have really caught his attention down in the Grapefruit Leagues. He writes:
One scout says we should watch him only in grainy black and white video; that scout likens him to Enos "Country" Slaughter. He plays hard all the time, has that gawky style, yet is on the verge of stardom without any pretenses. Asked about crashing through the glass door during spring training, Pence says, "I'm such a spaz."
That's some pretty nice praise from the best baseball writer of his generation. And I'm happy to see someone actually give some kudos to the 'Stros instead of wondering if Tejada will wear the bracelets, Oswalt can handle the load or whether or not Berkman is gonna strain some random muscle again.
Now if we keep him away from sliding doors, it'll all be cool. Even if this season turns into one more painful reminder that McClane and Purpura FUCKED UP BIG TIME FOR YEARS, it's still gonna be a blast to watch Pence's rise to rock star status.

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