Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tom Wopat is a Singer Now?

Some marginal celebrity's find new niches to dig themselves into. Look at Whorey Spelling and her new book. Or the chick that used to fuck Eddie Van Halen. But when TV "actors" cross over into the realm of music...that is something to be astonished at. Enter Luke Duke, aka Tom Wopat. Yeah, the schmuck from the Dukes of Hazzard is now rocking the frat-boy guitar. It's like Patrick Swayze trying to be Warren Zevon and is an absolute failure. He should've just covered "Achy, Brakey Heart" and auditioned for Nashville Idol. Goddamn, this motherfucker never even had a career and yet he found the bankroll to fund this bullshit. Bo is probably pissed.
By the way, as obsessive as I am about music, I wouldn't have found out about this lameness if it weren't for some E.T. asking me for his new album at work yesterday.

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