Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're Getting a Boondock Saints Sequel

I have no clue who in the fuck Troy Duffy had to blow to make this happen but he announced via youtube that The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day is now a reality. Some of you might be thinking, "Jay, the movie is a cult classic and has spawned more Hot Topic gear than the Misfits. Why is this so surprising?" Well, you need to go and rent Overnight. It's a documentary about Troy Duffy and his GIGANTIC FUCKING EGO. For the lazy or those without Netflix let me break it down for you:
Duffy moves from Boston to L.A., works as a bouncer, writes Boondocks Saints, in the post Pulp Fiction world it starts a bidding war and is snapped up by Miramax and Harvey Weinstein. Harv buys the bar he bounces at for Duffy, gives him a wicked deal including the ability to direct, cast, and score his own script and then Duffy begins shittalking every bit of guidance Miramax tries to give him. He pissess off Willem Dafoe, goes wildly over budget, and then Harvey pulls the rug out and he bitches and moans that he's the victim. Nevermind the fact that his crew and friends and well wishers are all pleading for him to shut the fuck up and realize he shouldn't be acting like the spoiled little bitch he has become. And then (according to Duffy) Harv starts sending people out to kill him. Boondock Saints gets pretty much no theatrical release and Troy is stuck back bouncing again, run out of the the business.
I really dig the Boondock Saints, warts and all, but think Troy Duffy is a grade A douche. Still, with the principals (minus Dafoe, wonder why?) returning this might be pretty solid. Of course if it's all shot in slo-mo to make the film hit the 90 minute mark, well...Troy better bone up on his bouncing skills.


Lil Nun said...

good to hear a sequel is coming. Was a great movie,although i never saw it in theaters,still badass.

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