Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Richard Justice: Official Dumbass

It's well known that I'm not to keen on 99% of the Chronicle's baseball writers (McTaggert being the lone exception), I've really had no real issues with anyone other than John Lopez. He's a dumbshit and most fans know more about the players, their histories from A-ball to the show, and why his suggested position moves are pretty weak. And then, Richard Justice had to steal the thunder and make one of the dumbest declarations about baseball ever written. It almost seems like something Purpura would have told reporters. From his blog, entitled (blech), SportsJustice:
Woody Williams might be the key to the entire season. If he's as good as Tim Purpura thought he'd be, the Astros just might make the playoffs. For the first time this spring, the Astros have a reason to think Woody might still have something left in the tank. He gave up three first-inning runs Sunday afternoon, then threw five shutout innings.
Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Get ready 'Stros fans, according our local ESPN talking head in waiting, we pin our hopes on this guy. A pitcher, who until joining up with the Astros, was known as THE Astros-killer when he had successful, but ultimately offensivley terrible seasons. This spring, Williams is posting 10.70 ERA over 17.2 innings with rumblings galore that his fastball has no bite on it. So what if Williams defies the odds and manages to becomes our Wandy for the season (solid enough to remain in the majors on a shoddy rotation who can implode at any given instant)? That still is not going to solve our issues with walks, earned runs or answer questions regarding our depth and stability. And who gives a shit about him throwing a few shut-out innings after sucking at the start? That's not going to help us (Woody only has 7 K's this spring) when our fielding ain't exactly top notch.
If Williams is the key to a plus .500 season and a chance to hit the playoffs, we're boned.
To you, Mr. Justice, please stop with the baiting, smug and stupid posts on your blog. You can have all the theories you want, but as you have repeatedly pointed out, baseball is a game of numbers, and the numbers don't lie. So please re-think your opinion of Woody Williams' performance thus far and appologize to all the Astros fans that do know shit from shinola.

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-amanda- said...

did you notice his recent post saying that williams being released was a good decision? i commented saying i had enough of his blog- and he responds with some of the stupidest crap. i seriously think i hate the dude. and i am trying not to hate people anymore- he is very smug- and thinks he knows freaking everything. ugh!

i prefer to read lisa gray on mvp dugout