Friday, December 21, 2007

Lou Reed is Back on the Junk

I was checking out some trailers for this flick called "The Signal" that I'm pretty jazzed about and decided to YouTube some Lou Reed videos for the song "Perfect Day" (there is this really horrible cover in one preview that made me have to purge that unpleasantness from my psyche) and then I stumble upon this; Luciano Pavarotti with Lou. I checked out the tune hoping it would be something EPIC but, well, you're about to find out it's the exact sum of all your fears. Lou Reed is rocking, then the chorus comes on and that fat fuck tenor totally blows the whole vibe with a kickin' orchestra in the background by trying to turn A MOTHERFUCKING LOU REED TUNE into opera. I was trying to mentally conceive what I was about to hear and kept getting some bad juju. And then when Pav comes on...well, just look at Reed's nasty smirk and giggling and you'll get one millionth of the humor I saw in this vid. Jesus fucking Christ, Lou, stop waiting for your man. Even you realised this was a fucking Brittany Spears level of retardedness move! Why didn't you just pull the plug and save your dignity? J

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