Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Shit Coming Soon

Look, 'tis the season and I work retail and am on six day weeks (so I can stack paper to the ceiling and ride on 24's) so content might be a little light. Of course, if Black Nathan or GFN or Bill Fool would post that might help. Fuck, I'm gonna outsource this to more people to beef it up. Anyhoo, you can look forward to a couple of things whenever I get the time to sit down and punch em out. I've got the sketches (yay lunch breaks) but need to tweak em just a little bit. Here is the list: Shoplifters of the World Unite to Improve Your Tastes FINALLY...the PKY version of the Astros lineup and songs that go with the appropriate players (it's a response to the version the Press ran). Jan Wenner is Killing Music Josh Groban is the Devil If You Don't Worship the Wire, FUCK YOU! (I expect Nate will help me out with that one). And some reviews. Hopefully one will be for the Uncle Ruckus Xmas tunes if they ever fucking release them. Oh, what is that? You don't know about Uncle Ruckus? Check this out.

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