Friday, December 28, 2007

Way to "Gig 'Em," Asshole...

Texas A&M red-faced over 'casket' comment at pep rally Associated Press "SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Texas A&M officials have apologized to Penn State leaders over an Aggie yell leader's references to needing a "casket" for coach Joe Paterno. Paterno last week turned 81. Penn State faces A&M on Saturday night in the Valero Alamo Bowl. One A&M yell leader, during a pep rally Thursday night, told the crowd that Paterno was "on his death bed" and "someone needs to find him a casket." The remarks drew boos from the crowd. Some A&M and Penn State fans said the remarks were offensive and inappropriate. A&M spokesman Alan Cannon says interim president Eddie Davis and athletic director Bill Byrne later apologized to their Penn State counterparts. Paterno, a 42-year head-coaching veteran, is about to enter the last year of a four-year contract that expires following the 2008 season." I hope that Joe Pa and the Lions kick the living shit out of those hayseed jackasses. I have always hated A&M for my own personal reasons, but when I see stupid shit like this happen to the school it just makes me giggle a little bit on the inside each time. Their program has not been crap for years and the minute they get invited to a nothing bowl- they (I say "they." It was just one redneck- not the whole school...) go and make locker room inspirationals for the opposing team. Nice. Sure Joe Pa is old enough to be the grandparent of the players and some of the coaching staff. But he also has more pedigree in his shriveled and heavily calloused left pinky toe than Dennis Franchione or Mike Sherman combined. "Joe Paterno's on his death bed! And someone needs to find him a casket!" the Yell Leader screamed. Man. I wish I'd been a fly on the wall. Sure boos ensued, but you know that there had to be an obligatory amount of awkward silence followed by the token "Fuck you, man!" and an "asshole" chant. The verbal train wreck had to make for some greatly uncomfortable moments for the people in the crowd. Comedy gold. Note to Yell Leader: You know that you are nothing but a cheerleader right? The thing is see, your school is so conservatively homophobic, they had to give you fellas a "manly' name so that you could be "secure in your manhood" and still be a cheerleader. The same way the Corp is a bunch of wannabe Marines and Army rejects. Can't have them be called ROTC. That's too high schoolish. My advice chump? Chalk it up to booze. Just say you were a little tipsy off of your last Keystone Light kegstand and you regret saying it. Seems to work rather well in your cases up there. They chalked the bonfire accident up to a bunch of drunken asses. How else can you explain a bunch of engineers not being able to stack logs? Retards.

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