Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NOFX...still relevant to music

Every Tuesday I gotta show up at work at 6 a.m. to put out all the new music and DVD's the store gets it. We recieve these little "Action Lists" that tell us what titles to put where and what to pull off of prominent displays and shuffle into their respective section. A couple weeks ago, NOFX dropped their second live disc, "They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!" and we recieved a whopping 3 copies. They're currently nestled right between the Jonas Brothers and Josh Groban's Xmas disc. And no one has even TOUCHED a copy of it (and scores of Hot Topic crews waltz in everyday). And why would they? Sure, NOFX sells out all 4 shows a year they play in ONE California town (you're fucking guilty of this too Mike Ness) and of course if they actually did a legitamate tour instead of Fat Mike focusing on getting 12 year olds who can't even vote to mobilize against Bush, it would surely be a success. But those in attendance wouldn't want to hear Mike sermonize about good ol' W or even a track off of So Long...And Thanks for All the Shoes. They'd want to spazz out to shit from Punk in Drublic, WTTHAAB, and the Longest Line. Not "Idiot Son of a Moron." So why put out a live recording sprinkled with hits and overwhelmed by tracks not even die-hard NOFX fans give two fucks about? It might just be a cash grab or it might just be a desperate attempt by the band to convince themselves that as they moved beyond juvenile tunes of boredom and pseudo-angry jabs at the PC towards more politically conscious subject matter (ala Green Day) that the kids are still as stoked to see those four letters on an album cover like the did in 1994. Sorry, guys, that just ain't the fucking case. Give it up.

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