Saturday, December 29, 2007


Alright. So tonight the wife and I went to the gym to do yoga. This was not my first instance in doing this spectacle in public. We gave it a go initially last week as well. I have found out a few things in the ways of yoga. 1. I am actually more limber than I thought and last the entire hour. That can't be said for all endeavors... 2. Yoga pants rule! It is a veritable ass fest in that place. Wife's ass, complete female stranger's ass, wife's ass, stranger's ass, wife, stranger, stranger, wife. Then there is the occasional shot of my own ass. I would not even look at that with your eyes. I feel sorry for the people around me. Well, we are slated to go again on Monday. If you had told my 20 year old college self that I would be doing yoga with my wife on New Year's eve ten years later, I would of beaten you silly with either my bottle or bong (whichever was more readily available, if not both) then said something insulting about a female relative you held dear and relations with the business end of my penis. I wonder how full of shit my 50 year old self is going to find me now... Now if you don't mind I am going to retire to my quarters with a glass of scotch and see if I can't find a good Jimmy Stewart movie. Man...what is happening to me? T8BC

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