Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buy Fucked Up's New Album

Fucked Up is seriously one of the best bands on the planet and their new album, The Chemistry of Common Life, just cements their legacy of brilliance. Buy it now and thank me later. Actually, you should already be into them since I blogged about them a while back.
The international press seems to be taking notice too since Father Damian graces the cover of this month's NME. Yeah, that mag is weak but at least they are covering a Canadian band instead of sucking off some UK wank job (as is the norm). Get on the train, kids.
MTV Canada decided to invite them back again but chose the studio bathroom as the venue this time. I guess they figured Fucked Up and their fans wouldn't destroy anything if in a confined space. The band agreed and decided to wreck the bathroom anyway. Awesome. Why is it MTV Canada broadcasts bands like this and in the U.S. the channel awards Brittany Spears for being a hillbilly fucktard?

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