Monday, October 6, 2008

Bye, Bye, Backe

The Astros, more often than not, tend to emphasize character over talent. Think I'm full of shit? Then give me one strategic reason why, say, Ausmus has been with the team this long. And no, pitcher comfort levels don't mean shit.
Even moreso, they love to bring in hometown players no matter how shitty the currently perform (see: Woody Williams).
Which brings us to Brandon Backe. The kid is from Galveston and threw the only solid outing in the Astros lone World Series appearance but has since become less reliable than Wandy (who is only in the big leagues because he is a lefty). Stop your internal dialogue with regards to Tommy John surgery, please. Let's remember Andy Pettitte (although, the roids might've had something to do with it) is still going strong and doing better than anyone could have expected. Backe is only on this team because of his ties to Houston. Drayton and Wade won't admit it, but it's true. Now, they come to a crossroads. Do they project their "good guys" image or show this bum the door after he brawled with cops at a wedding?
The incident started at the resort's swimming pool bar. A guest shoved a police officer after the officer told him he could not bring an open container of alcohol into the area, and the incident escalated into a riot after the man -- and others -- refused to comply with the officer's commands, police said.
At one point, police told Backe to back off but police said Backe struggled with officers instead -- exchange blows to the face with one officer.

Look, I know some people who went to high school with Backe and they told me he rode the short bus. After witnessing him talking to a bat that seems to be true. They said if it weren't for baseball, he'd be mopping the Texaco bathroom between Giddings and Austin. On the one hand, I dig the competitive fire and a pitcher who doesn't think (hey, it can only hurt the ballclub) but when you can't find the fucking strike zone...hey, the Astros could always go the Rick Ankiel route, but I doubt that would still make Backe a valuable major league commodity.
If Uncle Drayton is reading this, bro, this is your out. Take fucking advantage of it and send Backe packing.

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reindeerpizza said...

i would just like to mention:

a) pettite did HGH... which was not illegal at the time- and is different from anabolic steroids (winstrol, etc..... clemens allegedly did BOTH HGH and steroids)

b) an investigation has been launched- apparently there are witnesses detailing a completely different scenario than the one on the police report.

c) I absolutely agree about Wandy only being in the league because he is left handed

d) I honestly think Backe should be relegated to the bullpen. just sayin.

-i tend to play devils advocate on this kindof stuff... just because something is reported does not mean it actually happened that way. maybe i even bother because i cant stand cops.
the baseball stats dont lie- but people do.