Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Can Now Confirm For Yourselves That Axl Pissed Away 13 Years

13 years...all that time, wasted. With men who wear KFC buckets and endless sessionists, production teams, scores of tracks thrown to the curb without care all funded by a fraction of what the bailout is costing the government (that stat might not be accurate, but you see the point I'm making here) and this...THIS, is what we are left with.
Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses
And, by the way, in case you have the IQ of Sarah Palin and think this shit is decent enough to buy (to me, it's just unbearable. I'm gonna jam "Mr. Brownstone" 50 times in a row to cleanse my audio palete of this shit), you're gonna have to hit up a Best Buy. I guess Wal-Mart wasn't classy enough for genius of this caliber. Fuck you, Axl.

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