Thursday, October 30, 2008

Philadelphia Fans, Enjoy It

Congrats to the Phillies and a nice fat FUCK YOU to all twelve Rays fans who are upset about the loss of the 2008 World Series. A double FUCK YOU to the bandwagon crew. Seriously, you are some obnoxious people.
It was nice to see Lidge get a ring and find some redemption and how about Eric "Cro-Magnon Man" Bruntlett proving to be a solid bench player. Oh, Michael Bourne, I love you more every day. Seriously, any Astros fan who knows their shit should be happy for those guys and not blame this supposed curse that finds good ballplayers sucking in Houston and then rocking the game when they get shipped off to another team. Lidge needed a change of scenery and well...I'll let his numbers speak for themselves.
But now, for the Phillies fans. Jesus titty fucking christ people! I've been reading the fan accounts from Deadspin this morning (my favorite so far is the video of a guy on a traffic light while the crowd pelts him with bottles) and you folks are pretty fucking nuts. But, hey the last team to win anything in Philadelphia was the one owned by Jon Bon Jovi so I guess it was a celebration of awesome drunkedness and destruction that was well earned.
However, none of you have SHIT on this dude who is also pictured up top.

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