Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lights Out Again...

Sure he showed flashes of his old self, but there was no short porch in left and there was certainly no Pujols in the lineup to send him to the showers to be left crying in the fetal position.
He had to contend with a Dodgers team that had Manny on it though. A Manny that had revived a strugling west coast NL team that had aspirations of perhaps of making it to the fall classic that saw the dreams come true in the last few months of the season. The Dodgers came in hot.
The only problem is that the fighting Phils' came in even hotter. Hotter than McCain got in last night's debate hot. The pitching staff (hello Cole "new mancrush" Hamels,) single handidly shut down the late spark that Manny had given the team. Manny still put up Manny numbers, but it does not matter if it's Jesus H. Christ batting clean up if there is no one on base to "clean up" when you get a sacred dinger against that sold staff. When the Phils' are putting up five or six a game, his one or two longballs are moot.
So, congrats Brad. I never wanted to see you go. You were my guy. I defended your lapses in pitch placement. Your insistance in learning a new pitch to toss other than your searing fastball just so you could have something to throw them off with. I have been and always will be an Astros fan, Brad. That is my only fault. I will follow your entire career (even though you are a Fighting Irishman,) because I want you to succeed. I want you to succeed the same way I want that guy who used to be your set up man to succeed in Tampa. A Lidge / Wheeler World Series. Who'da thought that would ever happen?
See Brad, or Lights Out. Can I call you that, Lights Out? Ok.
See, you needed a change in scenery Lights. The reason why? Houston is a cronious franchise man. What have you done for us lately? Not even- more what did you do for me yesterday? We have an owner who's first concern is money. Making a profit and putting asses in the seats. The Roidket and AndyAndro did that. Roy does (or did,) that. Having you come out to your frat-ridden-rap-rock-agro-tune to put the nail in the coffins of many a batter put asses in the seats my friend. But see- to Dracula McClain- that was not enough. He wanted championchips by golly!
Pitching wins championships, yes. But- you have to have the bats to compliment the pitching. Any decent team in either league should be able to overcome what is considered a good outing by a starting pitcher. That's three runs. The Astros are notorious for leaving the population of Willis, Texas on base because they can not hit in the clutch. This starts the viscious cycle. Pitchers pitch, batters do not produce, pitchers get lit, bulpen gets used, pitchers wear down. Next thing you know... your closer is coming out in the middle of the seventh inning because the good ol' boy manager has run out of arms due to over pitching. (There is a reason Collins, Williams and Garner are not in the league anymore. Cecil should be soon to follow suit.)
You got out. Good for you, Brad. So you had an off season last year. It happens. God forbid we stick with someone for YEARS to see how they may or may not turn out. Oh wait- Assmas puts asses in the seats on personality alone. Fuck tallent! Well he is a career .220 hitter who USED to be able to block anything and throw a dude out in Denton. HE can't do that anymore. Well we can always just keep shipping fellas in their late 20's and early 30's back and forth between AAA and the club till they get it I guess. Meanwhile we can scour the league for tallent that was, and wring them dry of what little of it they may have left until they limp into retirement (or tell us they are so they can actually get out of town and go play for a contender.)
Congrats Brad. You are on a team of studs now. Howard, Utley, Rollins, Victorino... you got the bats. Eyre, Moyer, Hamels, YOU. They have the pitching. Good luck man. Maybe we'll seee you in a Houston uni again in 10-12 years when you are an aging starter who we feel might still have some ol' petrol left in the tank.
Go Phillies!!!
P.S. Don't get too pissed when you get back to Minute Maid next season and get boo'ed. Jonny Sixpack and Honkey Wife don't know no better. They are just jealous. You know if you get traded off against your will by the sheer ire of the assinine management or used as bait- it makes you the bad guy. Fuck 'em. They'll already be pissed there is a black president as it is...

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