Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Barry Big Decision
All I have to say is that if this happens, I am burning anything and everything BoSox and will be sporting Yanks gear come the road trip in September. Granted there was speculation earlier in the season about Roy O going to the Yanks, and that did not pan- this is a little different. There is a reason why MLPA has stepped in to petition for Bonds' case in not being resigned. No one wants the baggage. I wouldn't. That is why I think McClain's notions of not completely disregarding bringing back Clemens is as asinine as this Bonds to Boston talk.
Theo- you have Manny and a bitching starting five. It's a month. It is only June. Do go doing anything stupid like bringing a cancer into your clubhouse...
But we can always hope that is all it is...

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