Monday, June 16, 2008

Fuck You, Drayton Mclane

After jacking up ticket prices for the depressing series agains the Evil Empire you just had to stick up your second middle finger in the faces of every loyal Astros fan. You had to stock the rival team's merchandise in our house. Fuck you, stick to groceries and please free our team from your idiocy.
Purpura, man, that is my argument. Oh and how about pushing Hunsicker out? Huh, what are the Ray's doing now? Yeah, you know how to run a ballclub as well as I know how erase the 2005 World Series.
You want this team to be a champion today, cocksucker? Quit kissing Selig's ass for starters. How about learning from Theo Epstein or even trying to push our tenative (I'm using that as a complement) fans to act like they live in a real baseball town? So many Pettite and Clemens jersey's circa 2005 on display Sunday.
You will never see Cubs hats on the concourse in St. Louis or an A-Rod jersey for sale on Yawkey Way. But, you know, we've got fans that come to games in Blue Jays and Reds hats when neither team is playing. It's still disgusting for you to rake cash from rival fans in your team's stadium.
As much as I love the Astros, I'm so happy to have passed on re-upping my season tickets. Sure, I want to watch the games and root for the team but if it means lining your pockets any further then I hope you and Bud Adams take a plane ride with an Uruguayan football club real soon.

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Chris said...

I love it!!! Now Drayton is trying to sell the team but he is asking too much. What a fuck head!!!