Friday, June 6, 2008

Jonny Gomes and Carl Crawford are Pussies

Way back, I believe in spring training, Tampa Bay Rays starter Jonny Gomes tackled the Evil Empire's Shelly Duncan after a hard slide. It was bush league bullshit and now he can add more to his resume of douchebaggery.
If you'd been following the Sox/Rays series that just ended last night, you know that Coco Crisp pretty much begged to be pegged with a pitch after the theatrics in game 2 of the series. Well, he got his wish when James Shields hit him on the hip and thus proceeded to charge the mound. Benches cleared fuck it...let's go to the video!

I can only imagine what happened to the lone Rays fans in the stands after that. (Shudders). So, we can clearly see Crips pulling some Ali shit with his dodge which is awesome but what pisses me off about this is Gomes and Crawford coming down to the mound to punch and scratch at Crisp while he is ON THE GROUND.
Rule #1 in baseball brawls is that you don't swing at someone til they come at you. You never jump the motherfucker. That is some pussy shit right there. But, Coco can sum up my feelings better in his own words.

I hope Papelbon takes one of their fucking heads off the next time they meet.

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