Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Want Further Proof 99% of Yankees Fans are Dickpigs? I've Got it!

That 1% I'm talking about in the headline is solely reserved for my father. Because, you know, he's a bronzed cat who loves to sit outside all day reading. Of course, I'm the exact opposite. Pale as I can fucking be without my veins looking like I've just gone through dialysis. Um, yeah, so how do you think these cretins are gonna feel about Minute Maid Park this weekend if the roof is open? From the AOL FanHouse:
It's not every day that a cloud gets the biggest cheers at Yankee Stadium.Fans showed their approval today when a cloud moved in front of the sun during the fifth inning of the Yankees-Royals game. They booed moments later when the sun returned.
Wow. And A-Rod didn't even get some ribbing from the bleachers? I told a few people at work about this tonight and they don't give a sugar coated fuck about baseball but they all laughed hard. Why not boo the grass the next time Jeter catches a bad hop? And who the fuck are New Yorkers to complain about the heat? Live in Texas for a summer and see how your viewpoint shifts. Fuck, at least those pricks have seasons. We just have varying degrees of heat and humidity.
Now, let's get to the heart of this thing. I started this post out as a simple means to once again rag against the team and fans I loathe more than anything else in sports (yeah, I'm putting Lakers fans behind these schmucks). But, with the Astros about to go against the Evil Empire I am reminded of the tepidness of Houston fans.
This series is big for us. The Yanks are on the ropes in the AL East and are prime to be shelled. They have very vulnerable pitching and a bullpen weakened without the presence of Joba. If the Astros can stand tall here we have high hopes of giving the Red Sox a go. Tough back to back series for our boys. But, the key importance here is fandom. The Nation travels extremely well but every 50 Cent fan from Pasadena will probably be sporting NY gear at the games. It's crucial that we finally quit being the bitches of NL (like when the Cubs are in town) and let the Yankees fans know to shut their fucking mouths and get the hell outta our house. Same goes for the Boston series (yeah, I just wrote that but at least Red Sox fans know something about the game other than Reggie Jackson or the number of rings the team has won).
Don't be polite, passive or patronizing. Let the fuckers know where you stand and bite back at them. Let's get loud and make the bastards regret sporting rival colors in our stadium and certainly not let them forget they are a part of a group who booed the sun. AKA Cavemen. Step it up, Houston.

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