Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Black Nathan

Everyone who writes here love Black Nathan, for better or worse. He is, quite frankly, one of the most caustic motherfuckers I have ever met in my life. A true bastard in every sense of the word who seemingly lives only to piss off to the brink of violence anyone he comes into contact with.
And that is primarily why I adore him. Nathan doesn't give a fuck about telling you off if you try to edge your way into a conversation he's engaged in. He'll tell you to go kill yourself during that attempt and then he will surely drop some random, geek bomb of knowledge on you in an effort to make you feel inane and small. Because, in Nathan's mind, you're too fucking stupid to know who shaved the ball hairs of Kurosawa during Ran and should have never tried to talk to him in the first place. And this son of a bitch who proudly sports t-shirts that read "Just researching my novel" knows it will only enrage and confuse you.
This man, now of 28 years, exemplifies one of my favorite Charles Bukowski quotes.
From Barfly:
Jane: I hate people. Do you hate people?
Chinaski: No, but I seem to feel better when they're not around.
For better or worse (usually, the latter you ginger Vikings appologist), I love you brother. Despite your hatred for the Red Sox.

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