Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hooray! Another Reason to Despise Johnny Rotten!

It's no secret that I wish nothing less than death ala the intro to Foucault's Discipline and Punish on one John Lydon. He's just so full of shit and every time he tries to make some sort of pseudo-intellectual statement all I can hear in the back of my head is, "Ever get the feeling that you've been cheated?" And yet I still love the Sex Pistols. Yeah, I can't figure it out, either.
Anyhoo, King Dipshit is now being sued for punching his assistant. Because of a hotel room. This is the same Mr. Lydon who greatly screamed poverty and misery in his biography Rotten: No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs and tried to espouse a working class ethos in his politics and music. Of course, he is married to an uber rich daughter of a baron so I guess things like star treatment and having your own narcissism gracefully indulged are pretty big priorities to this lad.
Roxane Davis, a former reality-TV show producer has sued the Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten for assault and battery, claiming he slugged her in the face because he was unhappy with the Los Angeles hotel room she secured for him during a shoot last year. She is also suing the company she was working for at the time, Bodog Music Ltd., contending her bosses ignored her concerns when she complained about Rotten's behavior.
According to a suit filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, the producer was working on Fuse's Bodog Battle of the Band where Rotten was a judge. The worst incident involves Rotten's assistant Jon Stevens and Rotten's apparent frustration that the two did not have adjoining rooms in the hotel. When discovering this, he allegedly "cocked back his fist to strike Ms. Davis and punched her in the face."

Okay, I'm not gonna make a joke here about how reality show producers should be punched hourly on principal. I'm restraining myself here. But, the funny thing is that this sad motherfucker is actually judging people on talent involving music? If anyone who was a Sex Pistol should be evaluating musical ability it should be Steve Jones. If Nevermind the Bollocks doesn't make that argument well enough because you can't get past Rotten's vox then listen to "Silly Thing," "Lonely Boy," or "Friggin' in the Riggin'" from the Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle. Has Lydon ever tried to listen to the sheer awfulness that is PIL? This fucker knows as much about music as I know about quantum physics. Once again, we await for Mr. Lydon's piss and vinegar retort and another rant about my hatred of the cunt. "The Ci-ircle of life!"

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-amanda- said...

i actually read john lydon's book- and i felt cheated by even buying it and reading the whole thing.
what a joke!

p.s. wtf is up with blogger being shithouse and not loading?!