Thursday, June 26, 2008

Couldn't You Have Gone for Drayton, Shawn?

Whoah. Shawn Chacon had been pretty upset with the Astros lately after being moved to the bullpen. It all culminated in Chacon throwing GM Ed Wade to the ground yesterday and now he is suspended indefinitely by the Astros.
"He started yelling and cussing," Chacon told the Chronicle. "I'm sitting there and I said to him very calmly, 'Ed, you need to stop yelling at me. Then I stood up and said, 'You better stop yelling at me.' I stood up. He continued and was basically yelling and stuff and was like, 'You need to ... look in the mirror.' So at that point I lost my cool and I grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. I jumped on top of him because at that point I wanted to beat his (ed note: I'm not going to use the alternate, newpaper friendly word here) ass ... Words were exchanged."
Don't worry about him though. If Milton Bradley (wife beater), Elijah Dukes (Gatorade hurler), Jeff Kent (hates black people), or Brett Myers (another wife beater) can still find employment in the major leagues then Shawn should have no problem getting on another club.
Of course, it's fair to share the blame with Ed Wade on this one. Even after Chacon refused to go into the manager's office he shouldn't have unleashed the fury in front of the rest of the team. He should have gone and gotten Coop, but, after Shawn's little bitch fit with the pitching coach maybe this whole sorry mess would've happened no matter what. Hey, at least our rotation sucks a little less now!

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