Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Horror Punk is Not Dead!

I thought the whole emo/psuedo-goth/douchebag/bullshit psychobilly (really, assholes, go and listen to a Cramps record and you will learn that you are NOT a psychobilly band. Oh, and if the reviewers at Rue Morgue could do the same, that'd be great. Thanks) might've killed the horror punk tradition started long ago but alas there are two bands keeping it going. American Werewolves and a Turbojugend Bayou City favorite, the Creeping Cruds.
A few months back these boys put out a video and dig on it, brothers and sisters, since it is way better (albeit, a little lazy) than all the AFI via stand up bass bands with shitty haircuts (hi, Tiger Army!).

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