Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One of the Greatest Things on the Internet

If that made you laugh, there are PLENTY more over at Rock and Roll Confidential that line the walls of their Hall of Douchebags. There are even some fucking hillarious comments below each photograph (brick walls and railroad tracks are no-no's, kids) that are sure to make you damn near piss your pants. And if you're brave enough a few of 'em even got links to mp3s. None are pleasant. Oh, and local douchebags, Faceplant, are on there as well. A certain writer for this blog, however, is not in the picture even though he used to be in the band. ZING!*

*He does not qualify as a douchebag, however. Just the tools that now comprise the band, specifically for having their manager bitch out Robbie Cool (yeah, this was ages ago) for denying them a show saying he missed out on booking, "the next Sublime."

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