Wednesday, April 16, 2008


For those of you who don't know, my significant other works on oil rigs and sometimes has a weird way of making it home - especially since he rarely takes his own, one morning to meet my boyfriend on his half-way mark home I'm asked to meet him in Sealy, TX. I pick the Wal -Mart parking lot because that's where I will be the least noticed. Well, and I did have my Pit-bull and German Shepperd with me and I was afraid of being too noticed waiting around, because well I was a little high on cocaine and had been drinking whiskey and was well lets face it..just being me in general. Now, imagine this....there is a Wal-Mart behind me and a Wal-Mart gas station in front of me; anyone who has met me for a second knows how I feel about Wal - Mart and corporate America in general... I am in the grips of the devil-and not in the good way I had always imagined. I happened to look to my left and then behind me to my right and what do I see! SHUTTLE BUSSES! SHUTTLE BUSSES! That are dropping people off at Wal-Mart! At this point I am so horrified I can hardly speak - me Katy Lusk can hardly speak!I have officially descended into my own personal hell where only stupid, fat, war supporting, SSI receiving, ignorant people exist. I called Jody to tell him of this horror and he suggested I start slashing tires.And while I was contemplating this idea...all while watching the shuttle buses of people on vacation in Sealy being dropped off at Wal-Mart....who vacations in Sealy? I became focused and I became enraged. Enraged at what America has become and enraged that I have to share my country and my air with these people. And I am so focused..For the most beautiful 30 seconds of my entire life I was one with them....I was one with the man who walked into Luby's...I was one with the man who got on the tower at UT... and with absolute clarity I know why they did it. Posted by Katy Lusk at 10:59 PM 0 comments Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Blog Archive 2008 (1) April (1) IN WAL-MART SUBURBIA HELL About Me Katy Lusk View my complete profile

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