Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Houston, Do We Have a Scouting Probelm?

WHAT. THE. FUCK?!?! So, Valverde blew another save last night to hand the Astros a loss. Even though this cat had the most saves in the NL last season it's always suspect when a team with a hard on for pitching like the Diamondbacks send him swiftly your way. Remember the Jennings trade? He came off a strong season in a brutal hitter's park and that was a giant fucking trainwreck. Obviously, those two franchises knew something about their players the Astros couldn't figure out and that is what has lead us into the muck. Of course, it couldn't be a staff issue but instead, an owner (I'm casting my vote for that candidate), who can be so dominating that it creates an environment of yes men, essentially trying to appease a spoiled brat.
I'm not saying that Valverde will go down as the goat this season but it's not looking too pretty. Cooper didn't win any points with me by pulling his starter who was on the brink of a shut out. Of course, with a three run lead, it is understandable to go to your struggling closer (well, if you were brought up by Garner at least) to get him a confidence boost. Still, you keep the bullpen active and when the potential to tie arises you go to someone solid.
Holy shit, I just realised I'm writing about a blown save like it was a set-up or middle relief situation. This is the kind of fucked logic that Astros fans have learned to adapt to since Lidge was Pujolsed back in 2005 (hopefully, Coop has now learned you don't pitch to that bastard when you don't have to).
And while I'm so goddamned ecstatic with how the other four in the starting rotation have been performing (a combined 2.59 ERA)and with the offense starting to pop a little, when the two factors of the overall equation that are supposed to be rock fucking solid (ace and closer) are posting ERA's of 9.00 and 11.37 it starts to get scary.
We'll see how it shakes tonight. Oswalt is taking the mound tonight, still searching for that first win. Keep your fingers crossed and the rally caps handy.

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