Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Patiently Waiting for the Next Troma Masterpiece

Yeah, I know this screened at the Drafthouse in town a few months back but it's not like I'm in college anymore and have free nights. Hence, I missed seeing a film I've been dying to check out since I saw the first trailer.
Troma movies rule. They're nuts, offensive, vile, gory, and pretty much the anti-thesis of traditional movie making. This, is a good thing. Political undertones have always casually made its way into scenes from the mad mind of Lloyd Kaufman (the whole Terror Firmer Jerry Springer bit, anyone?) but Poultrygeist seems to be the most ferocious film the father of Toxie has ever birthed. I wonder if PeTA is gonna get behind this flick? Oh, wait, zombie chickens are gonna get killed. That's a no go, huh, Ingrid?
Oh, and dig the gratiutous fart and gore gags, too. Hey, it's a Troma staple.

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