Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, Looks I Won't Be Voting in November

This is just pathetic. You have all three candidates going on WWE Raw the other night to pimp their platforms. Well, Obama was the only to make anything resembling a political statement. Kudos to him for that. But, Hilldog and McCain, who so lovingly embraced the opportunity to call Obama an "elitist", seem to be doing something much worse than a guy shooting from the hip. THEY are the ones who are talking down to the percieved lower-class (yeah, I let you wrasslin' fans skate by this time) by assuming the only language they can understand is the shit Vince McMahon busts out on his Blackberry.
I don't mind all the rally's, the baby kissing and that whole jive cause, hey, that's the game that is politics. But to be so absolutely fucking desperate to try to swing wrestling fans (and I'm assuming they did this after assuming they were the representation of the working class and for that lunacy I say, fuck you) not on the street but in their realm of sports-entertainment is just beyond loathsome. When was the last time you saw any politician do a tour of ballparks sporting the local teams gear, and the during the 7th inning stretch preface a butchering of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with a 2 minute stump? It would never happen.
But hey, I can't blame them for thinking WWE fans are dumb enough to fall for their tough guy politico talk couched in classic lines from Dwayne Johnson and Triple H. You know, the Juggalos and their ilk. But I sure as shit can be ashamed that our yearning leaders in the waiting have as much contempt for the people they claim to defend as they showed us last night.

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