Sunday, February 3, 2008

And Jeebus Smiled Upon Us

Yeah, this came out a couple of months ago but the blog wasn't going then. So fuck you if you're gonna scream, "This is so five minutes ago" (do the kids still even use that slang?).
Here are the Pipettes, once again proving why they are the best pop group on the planet.
Oh, for you obtuse people out there, this song is about just wanting to fuck someone for a night. Bitchin'.


Anonymous said...

You are a miserable, soulless, misanthropic, subhuman creature. Please do not be insulted; I am merely making an observation. However, I still care about you and I would like to help you if you would allow me.

I must ask, how is your relationship with your mother? You are male, and you regard women as nothing more than soul-sucking, dick-sucking money-sucking earth grubs. I cannot help but deduce that this must stem from some sort of deep-seated pain, hurt, anger, humiliation with a past relationship you had with a female.

So I ask you again, how is your relationship with your mother? Is it similar to that of Charlie Sheen's character and his mother on "two and a half men?" Where his mother was a ho that used men for money and broke their hearts?

Or perhaps your very first girlfriend back in the halcyon days of your youth. You thought the two of you were sweet goofy and madly in love and you were saving yourself for the right time. But then it turned out she was banging the captain of the football team because he was hot and popular and rich.

People are not snowflakes. They have a lot more inner-demon bullshit in common than they think. Therefore I can confidently attest that it must be one of these two pathologies that afflicts you.

Please seek help, because there is still time enough for you to heal and repair your broken soul. We are all Cthulu's creatures, and He wants to see all of us happy.

Jay Debauchery said...

Pretty sure I'm getting trolled but...did you listen to the song? It is from the FEMALE perspective. It's not men taking advantage of women but the opposite. And about being unashamed of that. I don't see how that makes me a "miserable, soulless, misanthropic, subhuman creature" for digging a retro girl group band being proud of their sexual appetites. Was I slut shaming? Hell no. Eat a bowl of fuck, man. Or at least listen to the song or check the lyrics before you come here proselytizing.