Monday, February 11, 2008

Debauchery's Grammy Rundown

First off, I think the Grammy's are nothing more than a music industry circle jerk. A smoke and mirrors show that caters to the most base music fan and never truly honors modern artists who are doing more for the progression of pop music than some douche like Chris Botti ever will.
That said, for some reason, I still get aggro when the voters snub worthy contenders just to suck off some "legend" despite the fact that their productive output ended decades ago.
What follows is a list of the most offensive honors doled out to undeserving artists.
Of course it has to start with Amy Winehouse. That chick has an amazing voice and writes some pretty wicked tunes and for Herbie Hancock (that album was fucking weak) to snatch Album of the Year after she won all the big awards...well, that just makes no sense. Once again, the Grammy's prove themselves to be a circle jerk.
Best New Artists has never rubbed me the wrong way since these are only "new" to people who "discover" new "music" via the pages of glorified fashion rags like Rolling Stone. Still, I wish Leslie Feist had won. Thank the fuck christ, Paramore didn't win or else I'd be out for blood.
Now, Best Pop Performance has always been a sham but to give a statue to FUCKING MAROON 5 is just ridiculous.
Ugh, and they gave an award for that HORRIBLE Robert Plant and Allison Kraus record. Satan runs the record industry, kids.
Well, they gave props to the Beastie Boys for best instrumental album so I can't bitch that much more...
Okay, they dug on the White Stripes. They are WAY overrated like A-Rod (at least at this point in Jack White's career) but still, solid.
Oh wait, here comes the anger again! Queens of the Stone Age lost out to the Foo Fighters? Dave Grohl's latest output was pretty lame but then again Motorhead never got the nod and Metallica lost to Jethro Tull so at least there is consistency in shitty voting.
Okay, I'm done with scrolling through the list. You and I know the Grammy's are bullshit but let's end this with a positive note. Alicia Keys got an award for "No One" which was expected but if she had been nominated alongside Winehouse at least it would've been a race. That song is brilliant.

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