Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Concert E Peen...

Between The Flogging Molly tickets I got from the in-laws and a hook up I have here at the institute I have stumbled into quite a hefty concert season for '08 thus far...
All That Remains 3/1
Built to Spill 3/3
Wilco 3/7
Flogging Molly 3/11
Southern Culture on the Skids 3/28
Clutch 4/9
Meat Beat Manifesto 5/2
King Diamond 5/8
Horton Heat 5/16
Police 5/20

This is cool... I feel like I'm back in college again (minus the drugs, less booze and a wife...)
If you are at these- I'll see ya there! Otherwise- have a good one.

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Jay Debauchery said...

You forgot Saul Williams. I got a list of demands.