Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Roidcket's Lawyer has a Good Memory

Prop's to Black Nathan for pointing this out.
You remember back when Bubba (aka Bill Clinton) almost got impeached for shooting a load onto an interns dress? And do you also remember how she kept the dress, in triple-super-duper-strong mylar packaging to preserve the Presidential seal of approval on her blow job skills? Now, do you ALSO remember a lot of people thought the chick was batshit crazy and a lunatic for keeping the dress?
Lanny Breuer does. The motherfucker HAS to since that's the same line he gave on Concubine Clinton back in the late 90's. It's nice to know that he hasn't changed his stance on the whole stowing evidence thing.
"Brian McNamee is obviously a troubled man who is obsessed with doing everything possible to destroy Roger Clemens," Breuer said in a statement, adding that McNamee had lied to baseball and government investigators and "now he apparently has manufactured evidence."
But wait, how did that whole cumstain on the Gap dress turn out? Now I'd like to pass the mic..."If Roger Clemens' DNA is on that used needle, that's the functional equivalent of the little blue dress in the Monica Lewinsky case that forced Bill Clinton to admit his affair," former federal prosecutor Brian Lysaght said.
Whether this turns out the same way, remains to be seen but at least we have our FIRST consistent line of argumentation from the Clemens camp.

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