Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Warner Brothers Continue to Act Like RETARDS

Wow, I just can't believe I read this. Here ya go, folks.
From nymag.com:
We’re sure something will eventually make us regret saying it, but this could actually be a smart move for Warner (at least smarter than all the other ones they’ve made in the past six years or so); Perez does have close to 3 million monthly readers — way more than Pitchfork or any music magazine — and his blog did probably have more to do with the American success of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen than Universal or Capitol Records would like to admit.
So basically some fat fuck with rudimentary MS Paint skills is gonna dig on what the cats across the pond are jamming and then tell Americans to buy it? Fucking weak. Where was he on the White Stripes? You know, those American artists who had to crack the UK before they broke wide at home (to be fair, the White Stripes were already a cult band in the U.S.)? How come this douchebag hasn't discovered the Pipettes or the Len Price 3? Is Billy Bragg too deep for this fucktard? Or maybe he is just a turd sucking whore who "works" out of a Starbucks everyday with no ethics, taste, or talent. FUCKING HELL, PEOPLE! This obese and unfunny schmuck is a parasite that pilfers photos and then scrawls clever shit like "WHORE!" or "SLUT!" over images of Lindsay Lohan or some other cunt flashing skank. GENIUS! If you didn't think the major labels were on their last leg and desperate for any sort of control and dictatorship over artists well here's the proof.
Steven Van Zandt has been turning people onto cool music from across the world for years and has never gotten an offer like this. The end is nigh, brothers and sisters. And Perez is the final horseman of the apocalpyse.

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Ashley said...

i just wanted to comment on the pipettes thing, i actually lived in london for 6 months and go there about 2-3 times a year for the past 3 years. anyways, the pipettes are awesome. but surprisingly, they have been put in to some us mainstream. they were played on mtvU shockingly. they love them there.. so hopefully they'll be discovered over here eventually.
oh and on perez hilton...i must admit, he is a guilty pleasure of mine. but, i agree he is an IDIOT! he has no taste in clothes and hair..did you see what he wore to the BRIT awards..hideous.