Saturday, February 16, 2008

March Can't Come Soon Enough

Aside from that being the month of my birthday, St. Paddy's (the only nights of the year when I will get absolutely bombed out of mind, McNulty style, on Jameson...fuck I miss whiskey) and when Spring Training kicks into gear, I'll be seeing Flogging Molly on the 11th.
I've seen them a bunch and even had a few drinks with the guys but this time it's gonna be special. My brother in law will be with me slamming shots and going off. The last time we went to a show together I had to appologize to my sis the next day for sending her man home so wrecked. Ash, if you're reading this, sorry in advance.
Oh, and with the GFN in attendance and supporting the sin and excess it looks like it'll be a cab night. I'm training my liver and ailing gallblader as I type these words.

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