Friday, February 22, 2008

My Return to Fenway is Near

My friends Lindsay and Mike are getting married soon. I can't make it out to the actual event so I did the next best thing. I took some days off work and got us tickets for the first meeting of the Evil Empire v. The Nation series (I understand some of you don't know what the means and its kinda fucking fustrating since my love for the Red Sox is so often expressed here. I means Yanks v. Red Sox).
I look forward to a day of clam chowda, Jameson, chain smoking and, hopefully, no crying lezzies (Lindsay said that after the Patriots blew the Super Bowl she had butch lezzies crying in her bar.) I'm shipping up April 11th. I just hope I can see Papelbon rock the party like New Zealand (read the following post).

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Lindsay said...

HELL YAH! Dude...everyday that goes by...I am just getting more pumped. Ever since you told me you got the tickets...I have almost forgotten about the fact that my wedding day is only 6 days away. So I think we may meet up with my boss before the game and have some drinkees. He is a season ticket he is God!