Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coolest. Video. EVER!

How can you top some chick who looks like Blaze or Lazer or Blazer from the original American Gladiators (but with tits) in zebra-print spandex getting whisked away by GOD (aka Lemmy Kilmeister). You just can't.
But GOD doesn't stop there. He's gotta rock that Harley across town, grabbing his chicks ass occasionaly as if to say, "It's okay, doll. I'm gonna bust the pile driver on you as soon as these fucking pigs quit busting buckshot at me."
And if the ending of this triumph doesn't seal the deal that Lemmy is GOD, well at best he's Jeebus. The motherfucker drives outta the grave! Strike that Jeebus bit. Jeebus could never be that cool. All hail, Lemmy!

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