Thursday, January 17, 2008


If some divine being strikes these motherfuckers down before this shit happens I will become a believer. Ugh. From According to the report, Johnny Rotten (John Lydon), Glen Matlock, Steve Jones, and Paul Cook hope to start recording their new material in the first half of this year. Drummer Paul Cook cautions, however: There's talk of new material. The only problem is that it's a bit hard to work on anything as John and Steve are in America and Glen and I are in the UK. So, it's a case of finding the time to get together. We might not pull together an album but hopefully there will be some new stuff in time for the summer. Am I the only who still considers Never Mind the Bollocks to be a classic yet still utterly despises Johnny Rotten more and more each day. Look, the record is killer but their whole "we didn't know how to play myth" is as foul as the entire back historty of N.W.A.. Just hearing that self-aggrandizing asshole say, "To me the Ramones were never punk" (let's not forget Mr. Rotten thought the Ramones were gonna fuck him up for sneaking into their first London show which kick started UK punk)or "If I'd grown up rich just think how more fabulous I would be now" (you didn't grow up poor either, asshole) makes my blood boil. This is how much I hate John Lydon: If I could give Steve Perry's throat cancer to him only to suffer an eternity of hearing "Don't Stop Believing" performed live at every Astros game, I'd sign off on that shit in a heartbeat. Whew! Let me compose myself. The bigger problem with the lucre lovin' Sex Pistols (well, not Lydon, he married rich and never has to worry about money for 50 million generations) is that they haven't realised the fucking stupidity of trying to modernize your legacy. It just ain't gonna work, pals. The last New York Dolls record was a travesty, the Stooges comeback was flat out awful, and dear sweet jebus the further we go down the rabbit hole the worse it gets. Look, if you wanna hold onto your rapidly dissolving fame and rightful place in music history just play 10 shows in California and the UK year for $1,000 a ticket so the people who haven't figured out how tired and weak your shtick is can say, "Johnny Rotten spit on me! Steve Jones nutted on my girlfriend! And they covered the Stooges but acted like it was their own song!" I'm gonna start drinking just in case news breaks that the Pogues have decided to hit the studio again.

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-amanda- said...

have you read his autogbiography? i bought it when i was in junior high- and totally lost all respect for him.

love the album, hate the dude(s).

and anyone who says punk started in the uk is nuts.