Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Saint Semen Apprecation Post

I've been trying to get my brother to write for Please Kill Yourself since I started it back in 2004. He was down but never got around to doing anything. I forgive him because he does way more important shit for a living than I do.
And since I've been getting back in the groove of writing lately I decided to give mon frere a call and let him know about his forthcoming appreciation post. This is how it went down for the most part:
SS: Hey Debauchery!
JD: Hey, bro. So, I've decided to do a Saint Semen Appreciation Post on the blog and wanted some direction on it.
SS: Bro, that is awesome.
JD: Yeah, I was thinking about posting Limp Wrist's video for "The Oath" cause that song always makes me think about you. But, I wanted to know if you had a preference.
SS: I like Limp Wrist even though they scream too much but I dunno...
and from there the conversation turned towards my brother partying in L.A. and telling me they were gonna have a Jay Debauchery Appreciation dinner. I still feel like I'm doing the greater good.
If you are ever fortunate enough to meet my brother you will find one of the most smart, charming and incredibly dynamic human beings to ever grace this befouled planet. So, here I am, trying to figure out what perfectly demonstrates one of the people I love the most in the world and this is what I came up with...I just hope he isn't disappointed.

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