Monday, January 7, 2008

Next showing today at 4 at the GRB. Come on down...

Well... Sunday came and went. As I was sitting there at the bar at Dennis' watching the Clemens interview with my wife and in-laws I found that what I stated weeks ago had occurred.
I don't care.
Did he do it? Is he lying? My mother-in-law seems to be in her neighbor Roger's corner. But, she also thinks that T-Mac and Yao are a formidable duo in the NBA... so she is suspect. I did not get my father-in-law's take, but he bleeds pinstripes. My wife could, much like myself, give two shits. But she did not care from the onset. I personally think that if he went so far as to file a defamation lawsuit and is willing to testify in front of Congress under oath gives him more ground than his trainer right now.
He did come off as a whiny lil' bitch in the interview though. 25 years and we don't give you benefit of the doubt? Boo hoo Roger. Why don't you wipe your tears on one of the millions of dollars you have made in your career throwing a ball at a high velocity? That is all you do sir. Oh yeah- Rog, way to kinda sorta maybe retire again for the fourth time. You are aware that there is not a Cooperstown record for THAT right?
You don't cure anything. You don't fight anything. You don't put your life on the line for anything or anyone. You serve us, the general public, to entertain us by throwing a ball and participating in a GAME. That is it. Nothing more- nothing less. The only difference between you and Charlie Sheen is the fact that he is actually entertaining to watch. If you cheated you cheated. So be it. I don't care.
This scandal, along with the sheer brilliance of your boy Bud at the helm, has done nothing but tarnish baseball further (not that it needed any help getting out of that strike laden hole it had been attempting to get out of or anything...) and confirm the national pastime as FOOTBALL. 'Roids help bring the game back with the homerun chase. Now they are about to ruin the sport for what could be years to come.
Roger, good luck in your fight to clear your name. I wish you the best. But I blame you and everyone else under suspicion for ruining the game I grew up loving and wanting to participate in on your level. Why? Because everyone rode the cronnieism bus to Bigstown by turning a blind eye to the matter (George W. and Bud- I'm looking at you...) and allowing it to fester into the shitstorm of a hurricane that has now manifested in the Gulf in the way of the Mitchell Report. If you guys had nipped this in the bud (no pun intended,) back when this first reared it's ugly head- you might not be in position you are in now. But it is to late for it now. Now- everyone and their mother is getting thrown under that bus that you were all so happily riding all through the nineties...
Sucks don't it?
Well- at least your ongoing drama will be more entertaining than the Astros' season. Come on Dynamo! Do you think that perhaps your PR work with the 'stros could include beating the shit out of McClain? The words youth, farm, and talent don't exist in that codger's vocabulary. The city would thank you kindly. Juiced up or not. I don't really think we'd care at this point either.

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