Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why your Movie Collection Sucks

Now I know that you have a wide variety of classic and new films adorning your wall in your loft apartment, but you stil don't have the necessary opus to impress the likes of this movie buff. Look around, you probally have a huge selection of a single genre of movies. Maybe action is your thing, well how many times can you watch Cammando before you start to lust after Alyssa Milano. She is like 10 in that movie you peterass. What about romantic comedies, now I know that your girlfriend (or ex depending on the day) left them at your palce but who really needs to own Bed Of Roses. Just maybe you can explain Out of Africa to me with the whole Sydney Pollack directed it and he was in Eyes Wide Shut. But chances are you left your dignity at the cheap bin in Wal-Mart. Oh the scifi freaks have fun buying the new Blade Runner to us as we berate at the next kegger. "We get 10 extra minutes and it was only 10 more dollars than the one I already own." Worth every penny. The avant garde in us all loves the Kurosawa but only the box set. Oh I see Ran over there good job he did win an Oscar for that one. Understand I don't want tell you stop buying that genre but expand on it. Take comedy if you love it and just bought Superbad why not give The Jerk a try too. Probally just a few dollars more.... get it. For a while now everyone wanted to tell you this but come on give it a try. We all know you loved The Boondock Saints but that was like 9 years ago, and I was the guy who told you to watch it the first palce. Let it go the stuff you like will probaly be remade five times exactly the way it was the first time. If hippies care what you out in your body through your mouth we care what you put in your eyes and ears. so make a good day and go watch Juno or There will be Blood. Oh and add Throne of Blood and Junebug to Netflix

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