Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roy Oswalt: Finally Fucked by a Non-Astro

Johan Santana, one of the sickest fucking lefties I've seen, will now be playing for the New York Mets. Yes, the Sox fan in me still hates those bastards for 1986.
But, we all shouldn't be surprised that this happened. The Twins sent word that they wanted final offers from interested parties the other day and the Red Sox and Evil Empire didn't budge. Yet, the Mets didn't have to give up shit for the 2 time Cy Young winner. Of course they didn't want Johan to stay in the AL but FOR FUCKS SAKE trading the guy for nothing (an extension and physical are still pending) makes no sense.
What is more upsetting to me is the cruel realisation that Roy Oswalt will never be awarded the highest honor to pitchers in baseball. Yes, Roy O. should've gotten it back to back but with Johan Santana in the league, it seems highly unlikely that one of the greatest Astros will never get his props and that just pisses me off.
I hope they put Isiah Thomas in charge of the Mets.
P.S. Fuck you Ed Wade. We're now heading into arbitration for Valverde and Loretta which is just retarded. Loretta, epecially because we might not have a fucking shortstop due to, ya know, the government. You're about to enter a Purpura level of hatred.

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