Monday, January 14, 2008

Yes, We Were All Rooting for THIS Guy

My dad thinks Eli Manning always looks confused. I think he looks like someone who never wanted to play football. Y'know, he was probably super into the Fame TV series and Staying Alive when he was a kid and all he wanted to be was a dancer. Or maybe run a sheep farm. But his dad made forced him into football just in case Peyton went out in his senior season ala Varsity Blues. You remember that part, right? When the starter takes a wicked (and legal) hit and then the camera dramatically zooms into the face of the kids redneck father as his lower lip trembles and he says, "Oh God, don't you dare do this to me." That shit was funny.
But anyways, I now have something to look forward to every football season: the inevitable Tony Romo implosion (damn, that's a pretty cool band name). Eli, check your phone, I think Jessica might be calling soon.

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-amanda- said...

i would totally support a band with the name "tony romo implosion"....