Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Make up for missing it the first time America

If you were one of the pathetic few who sat and watched the CNN style news broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards (hey I check in to see what it was like. Fuck you. I had time to kill before the Wire started) then you probably scratched your head when your heard Ricky Gervais' show Extras won an award. And for the more pop-culturally challenged of you, you just scratched your head and said, "Who the fuck is that fat Limey on the screen?" Shame on you all. If you worship the American version of the Office, I implore you to check out the original which was created by Gervais and way more evil, cynical and whole lot less happy go lucky than its counterpart across the pond. The brilliant bastard topped himself when he unleashed Extras on HBO a year or two ago and show just recently aired its finale (come see me at work and you can buy the whole collection!). It's about a couple of film extras trying to break into show biz, which certainly provides enough (often un)intentional comedy but it's the cameos that made the show something truly special. Stars from the UK and USA lined to up shatter their carefully crafted public images just for the sake of some brutal laughs. Whether it be Clive Owen (who is still the man no matter how awful his treatment of a certain female extra is) or my personal favorite: Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter. Dig it.

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